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Function and material of spring plate

Function and material of spring plate

It is easy to bend in one direction, i.e. the minimum stiffness plane, but it has larger tensile stiffness and bending stiffness in the other direction.

Spring sheet plays a big or small role in our life. It has different shapes and structures due to different purposes. According to the shape, it is divided into straight sheet spring and bent sheet spring, while according to the shape of spring sheet main board, it is divided into rectangle, trapezoid, triangle and stage shape. Its working principle is to use one feature of spring sheet, that is, the spring sheet is only in one side It is easy to bend in the opposite direction, while it has relatively large tensile force and bending force on the other side.

In terms of design idea, the spring plate (also called spring washer) has pretension, after being compressed, it will react. In practical use, due to the characteristics of the thread, it is easy for the nut to rotate along the direction of the thread after tightening, resulting in the loosening of the nut.

Generally speaking, the manufacturing materials of spring sheet should have high elastic limit, fatigue limit, impact toughness and good heat treatment performance. Commonly used are carbon spring sheet steel, alloy spring sheet steel, stainless steel spring sheet, copper alloy, nickel alloy and rubber, etc. The manufacturing methods of shrapnel include cold rolling and hot rolling. Cold rolling method is generally used when the diameter of shrapnel wire is less than 8mm, and hot rolling method is used when the diameter is greater than 8mm. Some shrapnel need to be processed by strong pressure or shot peening after being made, which can improve the bearing capacity of shrapnel.

According to the characteristics of materials, the spring is widely used in all kinds of contact devices, and the most commonly used is the straight cantilever spring. The resistance of the contact piece must be small, so it is made of bronze.